Are you Petite?

women with height of 5 ft 3 in or less are petite. petite are short having small trim figure. petite women do face a challenge when it comes to finding clothes. I know this for a fact, being a petite woman myself. I used to get upset about my height before but now i have started to view it as my asset. I’ve  learn how to make my clothes work for me.

  1. If you are petite, most of the time you need to refit your clothes so either you should know how to sew else have a personal tailor for you. this will help you a lot.
  2. Heels are your best friend.
  3. I believe monochrome fashion do work for petite.
  4. V-necks and scoops necks help elongate your look, and flatter your petite frame.
  5. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg as it makes your leg look longer.
  6. celebrities to look forward are sarah jessica parker, hayden panettiere, hillary duff, anna kendricks, lucy hale and Reese witherspoon.